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je nemecke psy (progressive, tech) trance (psybient, psycore) duo Mario Reinsch, Mark Lorenzen.. Jejich alba se tezko smeli, diskografii lze nalezt na freakenergi.ru posledni album je volne na netu a prvni album sem stahoval po pisnickach z youtube - nikde sem ho nenasel.

Deagua (Free Form, 1999)

Treibsatz -

H2 (Free Form, 2000)

CD2 (ambient)

Be Real (Free Form, 2002)


The Jopurney

Being Boiled

QNT (2007)

Repainted (2010)

GLW DRK (2011)


Lowlights (2012)

She Damned -

Mixik Kills - Damned if She Do
She damned if she do
She damned if she don't

She damned if she will
She damned if she won't

Haldolium (2004)

All My Life - samplik od Foo Fighters

All my life I've been searching for something
Something never comes never leads to nothing
Nothing satisfies but I'm getting close
Closer to the prize at the end of the rope
All night long I dream of the day

Zbytek textu: When it comes around and it's taken away Leaves me with the feeling that I feel the most Feel it come to life when I see your ghost
Calm down don't you resist You've such a delicate wrist And if I give it a twist Something to hold when I lose my grip Will I find something in there To give me just what I need Another reason to bleed One by one hidden up my sleeve Don't let it go to waste, I love it but I hate the taste
Weight keepin' me down Will I find a believer Another one who believes Another one to deceive Over and over down on my knees
If I get any closer And if you open up wide And if you let me inside On and on I've got nothing to hide Then I'm done done on to the next one

End Of The Government -  samplik sem nevystopoval..(

Liquit nite - samplík od Doorsù

Doors "origoš"

Remake po smrti Morisona


Can we resolve the past
Lurking jaws, joints of time?
The Base
To come of age in a dry place
Holes and caves.

The music was new
black polished chrome
And came over the summer
like liquid night.

The DJ's took pills to stay awake
and play for seven days
The general's son had a sister
They went down to see him
They went to the studio
And someone knew him
Someone knew the TV showman
He came to our homeroom party
and played records
And when he left in the hot noon sun
and walked to his car
We saw the chooks had written
F.U.C.K. on his windshield
He wiped it off with a white rag
and smiling cooly drove away
He's rich. Got a big car.

My friend drove and hour each day from the mountains
The bus gives you a hard­on with books in your lap
We shot the bird with the black MP

My gang will get you
Scenes of rape in the arroyo
Seductions in cars, abandoned buildings
Fights at the food stand
The dust
The shoes
Open shirts and raised collars
Bright sculptured hair.

Spades dance best from the hip

Someone shot the bird in the afternoon dance show
They gave out free records to the best couple

Always a playground instructor, never a killer
Always a bridesmaid on the verge of fame or over
He manuevered two girls into his hotel room
One a friend, the other, the young one, a newer stranger
Vaguely Mexican or Puerto Rican
Poor boys thighs and buttock scarred by a father's belt
She's trying to rise
Story of her boyfriend, of teenage stoned death games
Handsome lad, dead in a car
No connections
Come 'ere
I love you
Peace on earth
Will you die for me?
Eat me
This way
The end

I'm surprised you could get it up
He whips her lightly, sardonically, with belt
Haven't I been through enough?
she asks Now dressed and leaving
The Spanish girl begins to bleed
She says her period
It's Catholic heaven
I have an ancient Indian crucifix around my neck
My chest is hard and brown
Lying on stained, wretched sheets with a bleeding virgin
We could plan a murder
Or start a religion.


A vast radiant beach in a cool jeweled moon
Couples naked race down by it's quiet side
And we laugh like soft, mad children
Smug in the wooly cotton brains of infancy
The music and voices are all around us.
Choose they croon the Ancient Ones
The time has come again
Choose now, they croon
Beneath the moon
Beside an ancient lake
Enter again the sweet forest,
Enter the hot dream,
Come with us.
Everything is broken up and dances

Smthng Scrd



Front Line Asembly a side projecty


Hotel Costes - Stephane Pompougnac

BT (Brian Transeau)



Infected Mushroom