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The Presests


The Presets je Rakouské electro duo založené r. 2003: Julian Hamilton (vocal a keyboard) a Kim Moyes (bubny a keyboard). Získaly řadu ocenění mj. i za klip song Girl and Sea - jediný, co od nich stojí za řeč.

Beams (2005)
Apocalypso (2008)
Pacifica (říjen 2012)

Blow Up (2004)
iTunes Live from Sydney (2008)

The Girl and The Sea  - 4. Beams, single 2004, skvělej song se skvělým videoklipem a texty.


Tonight the
tonight the hills are watching her
as she runs towards the sea
yeah she runs so she be free

And of all the friends and enemies shes made along the way
they are no where in her thoughts
as she dives beneath the waves

And he's the one that you've seen sometimes on tv
and his shirt is on the ground
while he's tackled by police
and the parcel that he throws across the bridge into the creek
it'll flow towards the sea
it will meet with her tommorow

No place,
some time
we'll clear
our eyes
and when
you're down
i'll come around

And all the
places shes been along the way
flames are licken at their walls
night glows with their remains

From far away the animals come gather round to see
but she knows not how they feel
and she knows not what it means

When she was young we'd ask her what she'd like to be
and she'd close her eyes and dream...

...now we're no where in her thoughts
as she dives beneath the waves.

A place
I've found
could be
all ours
but I've seen
where you
would rather be.



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